An OEM remanufactured alternative for bus operators

OEM bus brakes from Imperial Engineering

In the latest issue of Route One magazine, Imperial Engineering considers how reducing whole life costs and prolonging the service life of the components in bus disc brake systems has become a key issue for PSV maintenance managers.  These systems are now universal on all buses operating across the UK and are manufactured by three OEM suppliers that dominate the market: Knorr Bremse, Meritor and Wabco.

OEM remanufactured components

While OEM disc brake calipers are designed to last the typical 15-year service life of a vehicle, on the proviso that they are routinely inspected and serviced, failures can still occur.  Until recently, operators committed to using only genuine OEM replacement parts on their vehicles had no alternative.  However, in a positive move for the industry, each of the OEM disc brake manufacturers now offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new disc brake parts, through the introduction of OEM remanufactured programmes.

Typically costing around 20 per cent less than a brand-new part, OEM remanufactured disc brake components, such as Wabco’s Reman Solutions range, provide operators with a viable alternative.  Designed to be remanufactured once with a shorter service life than new, genuine OEM remanufactured disc brake components provide an ideal solution for vehicles approaching the latter stage of their lifecycle without compromising on functionality, safety or warranty protection.

This is also an important difference compared to other non-OEM remanufactured products on the market that are not subject to the rigorous OEM remanufacturing process and therefore do not offer the same level of quality assurance as their OEM equivalents.  For example, Knorr-Bremse’s EconX brake calipers are remanufactured on the same assembly line as the company’s brand-new OEM calipers.  They use the identical internal components and are subject to the same dimensional tests and quality checks as their new equivalents.

Remanufactured components also offer greater sustainability, with Knorr-Bremse claiming that EconX brake calipers result in CO2 savings of up to 73 per cent less during production compared to their new equivalents.

Alongside disc brake components, the leading OEM suppliers have expanded their genuine OEM remanufactured programmes to include units such as compressors and electronic control units that also guarantee the same levels of OEM quality and safety at a lower price than their new OEM equivalents.  For example, Wabco Reman Solutions has introduced a remanufactured Electronic Air Processing Unit for Scania applications, while Knorr-Bremse continues to expand its EconX range to include products such as electronic foot valves.

Imperial Engineering has a wealth of PSV product and technical expertise and is pleased to support operators with advice and guidance when it comes to sourcing the most appropriate brand-new OEM or genuine OEM remanufactured components to meet their specific needs. See our products

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