Meritor product range includes

For over a century, Meritor has been at the forefront of innovation in driveline and braking technology for bus and coach applications across the world. Its products deliver superior performance, efficiency and reliability for PSV customers, which is why Imperial Engineering is proud to be a UK distributor.

Meritor’s product portfolio for bus and coach includes globally renowned Meritor axles, Meritor Green calipers and pad wear sensors.

Meritor axles available for bus and coaches from Imperial Engineering include: Front non-drive axles, Single rear drive axles, Centre and tag axles

Meritor brakes are suitable for the majority of UK-operated buses and coaches and include other braking components, also supplied by Imperial Engineering:

Meritor Drum Brakes

Meritor’s 410 G dia S-cam drum brakes come in large variety of shoe widths (160/180/200/220) and liner grades for different braking/life requirements. Flexible mounting configuration eases vehicle packaging while the fast shoe replacement design minimises repair/service time. The brakes are designed to suit a wide torque requirement band for a broad range of applications. With asbestos-free liners, Meritor brakes offer the best in durability, performance and safety.

Features and benefits:

  • Superior brake performance with greater safety and stopping power
  • Easier brake maintenance and longer brake life and reliability as fewer parts involved
  • The twin-anchor pin design with rigid double web on each fabricated steel shoe, ensures stabilised alignment and positive braking with no-shoe float
  • The “S” cam maximizes brake response and delivers constant brake pressure during braking


Meritor - Brake Calipers - Imperial Engineering

Meritor Green Calipers

For over 30 years, Meritor has been remanufacturing components for both OE and aftermarket customers. The company has made substantial investments in its remanufacturing facilities in Europe, as well as developing new core recovery processes, testing and quality assurance procedures.

Meritor’s official definition of remanufacturing is:
“A remanufactured part fulfils a function which is at least equivalent compared to the original part. It is restored from an existing part (core), using standardised industrial processes in line with specific technical specifications. A remanufactured part from Meritor is given the same warranty as a new part and it clearly identifies the part as well as the manufacturer.”

By re-using components, Meritor saves on raw materials, processing and manufacturing costs, making its Green brake calipers more cost-effective than buying new.


Meritor Pad Wear Sensors

These electronic sensors are mounted to the brake pad and are designed to maintain frictional contact with the brake rotor surface. A warning light will alert the driver that the brake pads need to be replaced.

In additional to warning the driver of worn brake pads, the sensor can also estimate how many kilometers the brake pad has left. The brake pad wear sensors can be single-stage or multi-stage sensors. Multi-stage sensors have resistor circuits at different heights in the sensor housing. When the first resistor circuit breaks, the vehicle’s ECU will calculate the remaining brake pad life using various inputs such as mileage, wheel speed, brake pressure, temperature and brake operating time.


Meritor - Pad Wear Sensors - Imperial Engineering

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