Wabco product range includes

Air Dryers and Air Processing Units

Wabco offers a broad range of air dryers, which includes complete air dryers, air processing units (APUs), cartridges, multi-circuit protection, governors and a variety of valves. WABCO air treatment products protect against water ingress, oil carry-over and other pollutants, while intelligently managing compressor use and controlling regeneration.


Air Valves for Brake Control

Wabco air valves deliver braking performance with outstanding reliability. These high-quality products with a 100-year heritage include:

  • Handbrake Valves
  • Footbrake Valves
  • Multicircuit Valves
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Relay Valves
  • Modulator Valves

ABS and EBS Valves (ECUs, 1 and 2 channel modules etc)


Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS)

Wabco’s air suspension control components and systems are applicable to a wide range of partial and full air suspended commercial vehicles. The direct impact on vehicle efficiency and driver effectiveness is proving invaluable to vehicle operators. Wabco air suspension products include:

  • Level Sensors (Levelling Valves)
  • Load Sensing Valves
  • ECAS Valves (Solenoid, ECUs, Sensors)

Wabco’s ECAS features a modular system which enables: Load monitoring; automatic pre-set level regulation, parallel to the road surface, including uneven loads; and automatic traction control

ECAS offers a range of benefits to operators, including:

  • Low air consumption
  • Quick lift and lowering due to large nominal width of solenoid valves
  • Easy to operate due to RCU (Remote Control Unit)
  • CAN Bus capability
  • High rates of serviceability, concepts for diagnosis