Providing drivetrain components across London, Herts & the rest of the UK

Direct supply from Dana Spicer to Imperial Engineering enables us to offer their products at a competitive price with the added benefit of carrying full technical support from the manufacturer.

Dana Spicer drivetrain replacement parts for bus and coach applications include:

  • Front Axle Beams
  • Rear Axle Casings
  • Drive Heads (Differentials)
  • Hubs
  • Stub Axles and Knuckles
  • Half Shafts
  • Steering Levers
  • Hub Bearings, Nuts, Bolts and Washers
  • King Pin Kits
  • Tie Rods

It is important to note that Imperial Engineering are able to supply both complete drive heads (diffs) or the individual components that make up the drive head via Dana Spicer drivetrain.

Dana Spicer - Drivetrain - Imperial Engineering

Imperial Engineering & Dana Spicer drivetrain bus parts

For more than a century, Dana Spicer has built a legacy of success with quality drivetrain solutions for bus and coach applications. Genuine Dana Spicer drivetrain bus parts are manufactured to the same high standards as Original Equipment because in most cases, they are OE parts.

Dana Spicer is part of Dana, a world leader in highly engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery. Dana supports the passenger, commercial, public service and off-highway markets, as well as industrial applications.