Friction braking suppliers

Imperial Engineering is an Authorised Distributor for Knorr-Bremse, Meritor and Wabco friction braking systems, the three primary OEMs when it comes to friction products.

It is important to use the correct fitments for each vehicle in order to optimise the performance of the friction braking system, as well to guarantee safety. We are sensitive to keeping costs to our customers to a minimum and have therefore developed a range of serviced Knorr-Bremse calipers and Wabco calipers, following appropriate training from both manufacturers. We also promote Meritor’s ‘Green’ range of remanufactured calipers. Whilst these options ensure costs are reduced, operators can be assured that they are not compromising on quality.

In addition, we also supply the following OE Products:

  • Caliper Kits
  • Wear Indicator Kits
  • Caliper Tool Kits
  • Meritor calipers
  • Knorr-Bremse calipers

There is a varying range of alternative friction products available in this category in terms of price and quality. We are able to provide a cost-effective solution to your requirements using tried and tested suppliers by offering aftermarket alternative products, if required.

Friction Braking - Disc Brake Caliper - Imperial Engineering

Warranty on Knorr-Bremse calipers and Meritor calipers

Knorr-Bremse calipers carry a two-year warranty, whilst all other products in our friction range, including Meritor calipers carry a one-year warranty. For futher information on our warranty policy, visit our warranty section

Friction Braking - Disc Service Tool - Imperial Engineering

Do the brake pads on your buses wear out far quicker than anticipated? The problem could be more serious than just high replacement costs as vehicle safety could be compromised. A quick check to see if you are fitting the correct brake pads will save you money and assure optimal braking performance. Brake output at the wheel can only be assured if the correct grade of friction material is used. This is a safety-critical factor and no compromise should be made. Imperial Engineering only supplies OE material brake pads to ensure maximum safety and performance standards as found on the vehicle when new.

Imperial Engineering are an authorised distributor for the following manufacturers:

Knorr-Bremse   Wabco   Meritor