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Volvo was founded in Sweden in 1927 and a year later the company’s first bus rolled out on the streets. The company started with a vision of safe and efficient transportation for everyone and since then, Volvo has been at the technological forefront in innovations such as electromobility and hybrid technology.. Part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Bus is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of large buses and coaches with over 8,000 employees and, annual deliveries of more than 9,000 vehicles.

Vehicle ManufacturerModel
Volvo BusB10B
Volvo BusB10M
Volvo BusB11R
Volvo BusB12B
Volvo BusB12M
Volvo BusB13R
Volvo BusB5LH Hybrid
Volvo BusB5TL
Volvo BusB6/B6LE
Volvo BusB7TL
Volvo BusB8L
Volvo BusB8RLE
Volvo BusB9R
Volvo BusB9TL

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