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Neoplan was founded by Gottlob Auwärter in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1935 as a manufacturer of bodywork for bus and truck chassis. From the outset, the designs of the buses produced by Neoplan were considered to be stylish. After World War II, an all-steel body design was developed, which was considered a rarity at that time. By 1953, the company had moved away from manufacturing buses on truck chassis, to a partial monocoque design with a steel tube skeleton, providing the structural support, enhanced by welded side panels. The engine was moved to the rear and the running gear and body functioned as one. In 1957, air suspension was made available, improving the ride of the bus for passengers. In 2008, Neoplan was integrated into the bus division of MAN Group. Neoplan and MAN Truck & Bus now operate as two separate but integrated marques of MAN Group.

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