Survey shows more young people inclined to take the bus

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Research carried out by First Bus, to provide a snapshot of UK travel habits and attitudes towards the benefits of sustainable transport, found that almost half of young adults would be prepared to travel by bus more often, if they knew it would have a positive impact on the environment.

The findings showed that 46% of 16 to 24-year-olds have started taking the bus regularly as a consequence of the cost-of-living crisis, as they could save money on petrol, help the environment and also considered that travelling by bus was more relaxing than driving.

43% of those surveyed would choose the bus as they believed it a more sustainable travel option with a further 35% admitting that doing so would help with their mental health more than other modes of transport. The results found that 21% claimed taking the bus reduces stress, while 20% said it made them happier.

Overall, respondents highlighted three main benefits of choosing to travel by bus over a car, which were: no need for parking (45%); saving money (36%); and protecting the environment (29%).

First Bus commissioned the research in order to highlight the benefits of bus travel, which the company believes needs to be at heart of a transition to a net-zero emission future, as First Bus Chief Sustainability & Compliance Officer, Isabel McAllister, explains:

“We are working hard to make sure the bus can become a viable and hassle-free solution for more people and feel that it’s a huge part of the solution to help clean our air, tackle road congestion and take back more of our public spaces. First Bus recently placed the UK’s largest ever zero-emission bus order outside of London, in keeping with our commitment to reaching a net zero bus fleet by 2035.”

John Dwight, Sales Director of Imperial Engineering, which supplies bus operators across the UK with OE parts and maintenance guidance and support in order to help them operate more sustainably and reduce costs, commented:

“This research from First Bus clearly highlights that the public and in particular, younger generations, are concerned about the rising cost of living. The need to get to work is a major part of this, so it’s encouraging that bus travel is seen as a more cost-effective and sustainable mode of transport. Not only that, manufacturers and operators alike have invested significantly in delivering cleaner, more comfortable and more convenient services, which now seems to be getting noticed. As a major distributor of OE parts to customers nationwide, Imperial is fully supportive of collective industry efforts to further improve bus patronage.”