OEM remanufactured Mattei e-compressors for Optare applications

Mattei bus compressor - Optare

Mattei e-compressors

Imperial Engineering has added OEM remanufactured Mattei electric air compressors to its extensive range of compressors, service kits and upgrades for hybrid and electric buses equipped with electric compressors.  Suitable for Optare MetroCity EV buses which entered the market over a decade ago, the new OEM remanufactured option provides operators running these vehicles save around 20% against the cost of a brand new OEM replacement unit, without compromising on quality or performance.

Compared to a conventional diesel bus, hybrid and electric PSVs are totally different in how they produce the compressed air needed to power the braking, suspension and door opening systems.  While diesel buses use engine-driven air compressors, hybrids and EVs are fitted with separate electrically-driven screw or vane compressors.  Known as ‘e-compressors’, these sophisticated systems are designed to supply a constant and stable air supply and comprise of a compressor, electric drive motor and inverter.

Unlike diesel engine-driven compressors that are cooled and lubricated by the engine’s oil circuit, e-compressors have a standalone lubrication system.  Also, unlike conventional compressors which are supplied with air from the engine filter, e-compressors are equipped with a built-in air filter.  Both systems require regular maintenance, in line with the compressor manufacturer’s recommendations and local duty cycles, to ensure the intended service life of the system.

Major contributors to e-compressor failure include excessive oil carry resulting in oil leaks, as well as dirt ingress into the compressor’s drive motor that causes bearing damage.  This leads to the compressor overheating and is the primary cause of component failure.  With this in mind, Imperial Engineering also offers an OEM cooling upgrade for Mattei e-compressors, enabling operators to preserve the service life of systems fitted to existing Optare electric buses within their fleets.

Imperial Engineering offers a wide range of service kits, upgrades and complete replacement assemblies for all e-compressor OEMs serving the PSV market including Mattei, Gardner Denver Hydrovane and Knorr-Bremse. All leading bus manufacturers, including ADL, BYD, Caetano, Optare, Volvo, Yutong and Wrightbus all use e-compressors on their vehicles and Imperial Engineering is pleased to support operators with technical advice and guidance.