Knowledge hub resource launched for bus sector

Bus Centre of Excellence

Bus Centre of Excellence

Developed as a place for those working within the bus sector to come together to share best practice and develop skills, the Bus Centre of Excellence (BCOE) has launched its knowledge hub, that provides a new resource to help the industry to collectively deliver better bus services across England.

Managed by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, the Bus Centre of Excellence (BCOE) was originated in the government’s Bus Strategy (2021) and the implementation of the knowledge hub forms part of the new BCOE website, which contains guidance, case studies and practical information about the bus sector. Subsequent update phases will see the launch of discussion forums, webinars and other bespoke events.

Chair of the BCOE Strategy Board, Leon Daniels OBE, said: “This is an important development for the Bus Centre of Excellence. This is the first of a variety of services that we will be providing to the bus sector. The BCOE website will provide users with the ability to locate the latest resources, discuss ideas and access relevant training that the sector needs.

“We look forward to welcoming users onto the platform and working with our wider stakeholders to deliver improved services across the sector. The next few months will see us release plans on our wider strategies to support the BCOE vision. We encourage you to sign up for more information and the opportunity to become a contributor to the site.

“By raising the skills and knowledge of those working in and around the sector, we will help spread the word that bus services are improving. Further growing customer confidence and helping the country hit its Net Zero targets as patronage grows.”

John Dwight, Imperial Engineering’s Sales Director, commented:

“Imperial Engineering welcomes the introduction of a knowledge hub from the Bus Centre of Excellence. This initiative will really help to consolidate a lot of the good work being done across the bus sector to improve services, advance technology and develop skills, in order to encourage more consumers to switch onto public transport. By having a central resource, it will also help promote the need for the recruitment of skilled individuals, which is one of the biggest challenges for the sector.”

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