Imperial gears up for bus industry Skills Challenge 2021

IRTE Skills Challenge 2021

The bus and coach sector relies on many different parts to keep it running smoothly. During the pandemic, operators have continued to rely on well known bus and coach parts suppliers like Imperial Engineering, to ensure that their fleet networks are functioning as they should.

Even though passenger levels are not yet at the same level as before the pandemic, buses and coaches still need to be maintained to a high standard. As a sponsor of this year’s IRTE Skills Challenge, Imperial knows that for the industry to continue to provide a valuable service to the public, all elements must work in tandem. That means the parts that each of these complex vehicles requires must be available when needed and the technicians working on them must be trained to a high level.

To that end, Imperial Engineering now conducts regular on-site training sessions to help its clients better understand certain components, as part of its approach to help customers improve productivity and reduce costs.

Gavin Takel, Technical Sales Manager, said: “There’s huge pressure on technicians to get vehicles back on the road quickly with the least amount of downtime. We give clients with high turnover on certain products support with on-site training to help them use parts more effectively.

“The skill levels needed to work on these vehicles is intense, so mentally and physically, maintenance personnel have to be very strong. Technicians are dealing with a wide range of vehicles and product ranges, and there are different mechanics and electronics on all these vehicles. Technicians are expected to know everything about them to keep them on the road safely. The IRTE Skills Challenge shows what is required of a modern-day technician or apprentice,” added Gavin.

As operators gradually move towards more hydrogen and electric vehicles in their fleets, so the multitude of components that are needed changes too.

“More people are accepting that this industry is changing for the better. Public transport is a good thing and at Imperial we will adapt to the market switch to hydrogen and electric. We want to continue that high level support,” added Gavin.