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Spicer Drivetrain is part of Dana, a world leader in engineering solutions which help improve the efficiency, performance and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery across the world.

For more than a century, the Spicer name has been built on a legacy of success with trusted drivetrain solutions for cars, commercial vehicles, off-highway machines, military vehicles, and those adapted for high-performance applications. Manufactured in Dana facilities around the world, every Spicer part is designed and produced to the same exacting standards as specified by OE manufacturers, ensuring that vehicles continue to operate at peak performance levels.

The Dana Spicer customer base virtually includes every major vehicle and engine manufacturer from across the global automotive spectrum.

Imperial Engineering is proud to be a Dana Spicer distributor supporting bus and coach fleets across the UK.


Why is imperial engineering a Dana Spicer distributor?

As a Dana Spicer distributor, we are proud to supply our customers with the highest grade of OE components and parts, that have been designed and engineered by leading global companies such as Dana Spicer. Over decades of development, its bus and coach parts are tried and tested.

Through heat treating and a slower quality scan rate, Dana is able to deliver a much more consistent and stronger Spicer axle shaft. In addition, the cold-formed rolled spline eliminates the need for machining, which can cause stress fractures and premature failures.

Not only are Spicer axle shafts fatigue-tested for maximum durability, 100% of axle parts are ultrasonically tested, to check for any internal cracks that regular magnetic testing can’t reach. Dana Spicer is proud to claim a safety factor that’s high even by OE standards, because when it comes to the performance of your axles, there’s no room for compromise.

Dana Spicer - Drivetrain - Imperial Engineering

Dana Spicer specialises in the supply of drivetrain components, including:

  • Dana Spicer Axle parts
  • Front Axle Beams
  • Rear Axle Casings
  • Drive Heads (Differentials)
  • Hubs
  • Stub Axles and Knuckles
  • Half Shafts
  • Steering Levers
  • Hub Bearings, Nuts, Bolts and Washers
  • King Pin Kits
  • Tie Rods

Imperial Engineering supplies both complete drive heads (diffs) or the individual components.



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