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From its 48,000 square-foot facility in North Walsham, Norfolk, PSS remanufactures steering boxes, pumps, motors and racks for every bus and coach model operating across the United Kingdom.


PSS Steering Parts

With over 45 years of experience, PSS has become the UK’s largest supplier of remanufactured steering products for the bus and coach sector. Steering for any vehicle is safety critical, so at PSS, every remanufactured product leaves the factory as good as, or better than, new. A brief overview of the remanufacturing process at PSS is as follows:

  • Each unit is identified, cleaned and shot blasted
  • Carefully dismantled; any worn, damaged or mandatory replaceable parts are discarded
  • All other components are measured against their original specifications and tolerances
  • Any parts that require rework are fully re-engineered to OE drawing standards
  • Any parts which fail to meet PSS’s exacting standards are replaced
  • All parts are meticulously cleaned again using highly specialised equipment
  • Each unit is reassembled in a clean environment
  • Every unit is individually tested to simulate vehicle operating conditions
  • Repainted and stamped with a fully traceable reference, ready for service.

PSS - Power Steeering Box - Imperial Engineering

Whether PSS supplies components for new vehicles or remanufactured parts to keep vehicles moving, everything is delivered with the same determination to meet and exceed customer expectations. And this approach is shared by Imperial Engineering, which is extremely proud to be a main distributor for PSS bus steering parts. From our facility in Hertfordshire, we stock a huge range of remanufactured PSS steering boxes, pumps and motors for a wide range of bus and coach vehicles including:

  • DAF
  • Dennis
  • Iveco
  • Leyland
  • Mercedes
  • Optare
  • Scania
  • VDL
  • Volvo
  • WrightBus

If we don’t have a particular bus steering part in stock, we work with the PSS team to arrange the return of the original unit and remanufacture of the required item, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.



Why choose remanufactured PSS steering parts?

Remanufactured PSS steering units are much more cost effective to bus and coach fleets. Typically, parts cost just 60% or less than the manufacturer’s OE replacement product. PSS remanufactured parts are designed to match or outperform the original, due to the company’s experience and investment in the latest materials, tooling and techniques.

Remanufacturing is a much more sustainable process, which requires less energy and raw materials than manufacturing original products. Bus and coach companies can therefore support efforts to improve the environment by saving energy, materials and waste by choosing remanufactured steering products from PSS.

To find out more about the range of PSS steering boxes, racks and other steering parts, contact Imperial Engineering for expert advice and a cost-effective quotation.


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