Haldex product range includes

Brake Adjusters (Slack Adjusters)

Whether it is the well-known classic AA1 or the S-ABA with free choice of control arm position: the original Haldex automatic brake adjuster is the number 1 worldwide.


Air Treatment (Air Dryers)

Haldex air treatment products work individually or in combination to minimize the build-up of water, oil and other contaminants while minimizing maintenance. Products include:

  • Air Dryers
  • Air Dryer Cartridges
  • Consep Condensors



The Haldex Consep, a low maintenance air pre-treatment condenser/separator, is especially designed for severe duty cycle application, such as the heavy loads and frequent stops of city traffic operation.

Within the vehicle’s air brake system, the Haldex Consep condenses, separates and removes 90% of the oils, liquids, and other contaminants, while treating up to 30 CFM. When installed properly, the Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of air brake system components caused by contamination and significantly increases the air dryer desiccant life.


Air Dryer Cartridges

We offer standard and oil separator variants