Imperial Engineering have specialised in machining, welding, fabrications and straightening of PSV and commercial vehicle components for over 40 years.

Our specialist welding includes aluminium, cast, Tig and metal spraying.

Our reputation has been developed by employing traditional engineering skills and techniques and consulting closely with our customers to meet their desired repair and quality standards at
affordable prices.

The nature of the repair can vary according to the customer's specific requirements but below we have detailed the work we can carry out:

  • Front Axle Beams - stabiliser/torsion bar holes rebuilt and crack tested; king pin holes bored and sleeved; cotter pin holes re-drilled; spring saddles rebuilt; alignment and straightening.
  • Trailer and Rear Axle Casings - oil seal and bearing positions rebuilt; threads built up and re-cut to correct TPI; spring and pad locations re-drilled; crack testing and straightening.
  • Anti-Roll Bars and Panhard Rods - bored and sleeved; built up and machined; alignment checked; swivel bushes fitted where supplied; crack tested.
  • Torsion Bars - new bushes fitted; stub axle assembly rethreaded (jig mounted); new tubes welded; stub axle alignment checked.
  • Oil Sumps, Crankcases, Clutch Bell Housings - cracks detected, preheated and welded without distortion; datum faces and mounting faces skimmed; crack tested.
  • Hubs - inner and outer bearing and oil seal positions rebuilt; stud holes built up and machined to standard.
  • Cross Members - shackle pinholes rebuilt; tubes rewelded; straightening undertaking if required.
  • Brake Drums and Flywheels - faces skimmed to O.E. specification.
  • Brake Camshafts - bearing positions rebuilt and machined; 'S' - cam profile checked; ground finish.
  • Brake Shoes - 'S' - cam roller slot rebuilt (jig mounted); crack tested.
  • King Post and Stub Axles - bearing positions rebuilt; threads built up and re-cut; re-shimmed and machined as necessary; crack tested.
  • Gearbox Casings and Diff Housing - bearing housing rebuilt; cracks detected, preheated and welded without distortion; re-sleeving and studding as required; datum and mounted surfaces skimmed.
  • Planet Carriers - a complete overhaul undertaken; service/exchange facility available.
  • Fluid Flyweels - complete strip down and rebuild including replacement of glands, bearing, gasket and stripped studs; all aluminium casings and flywheels built up and machined to standard; thrust plates replaced.

We take pride in the personal nature of our service. Our technical support engineers are available to deal with specific problems or enquiries concerning the safety critical standard of repair that can be undertaken.

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